Monday, October 6, 2008

Why do fools fall in love...?

I'm leaving really soon so thought I'd finally have this cup of coffee with Tristan, my serious relationship ex...We landed up having coffee for 5 was really good. We've only seen each other once briefly since the breakup and the coffee went smoother than I could have imagined. We chatted through things and it was really hard to hear a lot of it but things needed to be said. I think the hardest thing is hearing him talk about other girls. He's hardly been with anyone and was horrified when he heard the odd person I'd been with, he said, "how many guys have you been with?" Shame, I think it's normally the guy who goes wild after a breakup and he thinks its the other way around. He also said, "I hope you aren't going home with all these guys" and I felt like telling him that he was actually insulting me, it's like he doesn't know me at all. Anyway, the rest of the coffee went well, occasionally we subtly tuned each other. He asked if I'd cheated on Dave and I said no, so he said, "Wow, he got off lucky hey". 'Cause I cheated on Tristan which is something I've always said I'd never ever do - but that's another whole long story. Things are still hurting but we left on a really good note... actually too good. We landed up having a good night kiss and it's amazing how good it feels when you've wanted it for so right it feels, Its a bit of a mindf*%k.