Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keep Dreaming

The section that I read in A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle, 2006) last night was about us allowing ourselves to loose our concept of time. Not 'clock-time' obviously - we need that for the practicalities of life, appointments, planning etc but our perception and concept of time - being our obsession with the past and/or the future. By disregarding 'time' we are able to be freed from the horizontal restrictions it has on us and therefore giving ourselves the gift of being able to expand vertically - into an entirely new dimension of living in the now. If we say we are going to give ourselves more time (for example - we'll loose the ego later) we are in fact giving our self (the ego) more time to develop.

I loved the way it was described - Tolle says when we wake up from a dream we think 'it was just a dream' and we continue on with the day. And isn't all of our life like that...? Our memories, events, people, places, emotions, fears. They may seem 'all-important' when they come barging into our lives but once they're done and we move onto the next thing we need to deal with, they dissappear into the nothingness from whence they came... therefore our worrying about them gives them their importance. These 'things' are therefore as whispy and have as much priority as a dream. All of life is like a dream - Me being the person that absolutely loves dreamland thought this was one of the most beautiful statements I had read. Life becomes more beautiful with every new discovery about it that is made.

Keep dreaming beautiful dreams...