Saturday, October 4, 2008

Major changes

I am so ashamed at having not written in so long. My apologies, however, I think you should know there have been some MAJOR changes in my life. Uh, OK - since I last wrote, I've been retrenched - which is good - I was planning on travelling to the States but my visa was denied. I was so traumatised by this but its since then that I've realised it obviously wasn't the plan for me. I've broken up with the divine, perfect guy I was going out with - Dave because I've decided I'm actually not in a place where I can be in another relationship right now and I'm desperate to travel and I really don't think that after being together for a month or two we can now launch into a long-distance relationship for a year. He's really hurting. He didn't want it at all but he was amazing about it. He was far more understanding about my decision than my ex. He didn't fight me at all on it, which was weird.

Anyway - I've got a job in Thailand and I've got a visa (at last) I leave very soon and am so excited for this new adventure in my life. Anyways, I thought I would have a farewell get-together for all my friends, family etc to say cheers and I now invited both my exes. Now before you shoot me down for doing something that is simply 'not done ever', give me a little credit...I know these guys really well. I was sure neither of them would come... I had to invite them cause I really wanted to say good bye so I couldn't not invite them and I couldn't choose one...Their reasons for not coming were: (Dave) "It would be awkward" and (ex) "It would be wrong". Please. Get a backbone! So, I had a lovely get-together with family, friends and a few randoms that just rocked up and really enjoyed my night.

So that's a quick catchup from me and in hopefully my next post will be from Thailand... mmm. In closing, I'll leave you with a question...I have a crush - it's a guy I am sure hasn't noticed me in that way as yet and we're related by marriage (sounds dodgy, I know but if you saw this guy - you'd understand). He is so different from any guy I've ever been with. He's outgoing, confident, fun, adventurous and like I said, so different. He also has a girlfriend - the first girl since I've known him (about four years) that he's fallen in love with. Obviously, I haven't done anything as I'm very opposed to cheating etc. But what do you do in this situation when ignoring it just makes it nag some more....? I'd love to hear your takes on it... Until next time, have an awesome day x